The G.A.P. coordinates the European project vIrtical from 7th Framework Programme, with a duration of three years and starting date July 15, 2011.
The budget is 2,860,000 euros and involves eight partners. Five of the partners
are leading companies in their respective fields of research (ST Microelectronics, Thales, ARM, VOSYS and SYSGO) and three are universities (Technical University of Valencia, University of Bologna and Technological Institute of Crete). The project is coordinated by Maria Engracia Gomez, and involves Prof. José Duato, Prof. Antonio Robles and Dr. Jose Flich all them from GAP.
The aim is to improve performance, quality of service, reliability and consumption of embedded systems that can be found in televisions and mobile phones
, through developing the concept of virtualization in embedded systems environment.