Jose Duato, University Professor attached to the DISCA has just been elected as a Full Member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (Exact Sciences Section). The Academy is composed of 54 Full-time Academics, 90 National Correspondents, Supernumerary Academics in an undetermined number, and Foreign Corresponding Academics that it deems convenient to appoint. In addition, the Royal Academy of Sciences is structured internally grouping the Academics in three sections: Exact, Physical and Chemical and Natural, and in commissions to perform specific tasks. Among the merits that the Academy has taken into account for its election are: - Obtaining the Julio Ry Pastor National Research Prize in Mathematics and Information and Communication Technologies in 2009. - Obtaining the Jaime I Award for New Technologies in 2006. - To be co-author, together with S. Yalamanchili and LM Nor, of the main international reference of interconnection networks with more than 2500 appointments in Google Scholar. - Have an index h equal to 53 in Google Scholar with more than 13500 citations - Be an editor of IEEE Transactions on Computers, of IEEE Computer Architecture Letters, and of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. - Your membership in various Advisory Councils and Agencies and / or Evaluation Committees. Our congratulations for this new investigative merit.