Time INA-OCMC'2013 Technical Program
Wednesday, January 23rd 2012
Session 1 - Introduction and Keynote speech
10:00-10:30 Welcome speech from general chairs
Keynote - Network on Chip for Scale Out processors
Boris Grot
EPFL Lausanne
Session 2 - Highest-ranked papers
10.30-10.50 A Fast Algorithm for Runtime Reconfiguration to Maximize the Lifetime of Nanoscale NoCs
Francisco Triviño-García, Davide Bertozzi and Jose Flich
University of
Castilla-La Mancha
10.50-11.10 Arbitration of Many Thousand Flows at 100G and Beyond
Nikolaos Chrysos, Fredy Neeser, Mitch Gusat, Rolf Clauberg, Cyriel Minkenberg, Claude Basso and Kenneth Valk
IBM Research Zurich
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Session 3 - Large Scale Networks
11.30-11.48 Randomizing task placement does not randomize traffic (enough)
Ana Jokanovic, Bogdan Prisacari, German Rodriguez and Cyriel Minkenberg
IBM Zurich Research
11.48-12.06 Global Misrouting Policies in Two-level Hierarchical Networks
Marina Garcia, Enrique Vallejo, Ramon Beivide, Miguel Odriozola, Cristóbal Camarero, Mateo Valero, German Rodriguez and Jesus Labarta
University of Cantabria
12.06-12.24 How Elastic is Your Virtualized Datacenter Fabric?
Daniel Crisan, Robert Birke, Nikolaos Chrysos and Mitch Gusat
IBM Research Zurich
Session 4 - Networks on Chip
12.24-12.42 Characterization and Cost-Efficient Selection of NoC Topologies for General Purpose CMPs
Marta Ortín Obón, Alexandra Ferrerón, Jorge Albericio Latorre, Darío Suárez-Gracia, María Villarroya-Gaudó, Cruz Izu and Victor Vinals-Yufera
University of Zaragoza
12.42-13.00 NBTI-aware design of NoC buffers
Davide Zoni and William Fornaciari
Politecnico di Milano - DEI